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Walter Chambers. President of Bossltg, has open a new Rental Division and UL/Ohsa Product training facility in Sulphur,  Louisiana.  4608 E. Napoleon St, 70663, 1/2 mile east of Cities Services Hwy  on Hwy 90 E.

Todd Chambers has been assigned as operations UL Training  manager.  His objective will be to educate the SAFETY MANAGERS of the Southeast Oil & Gas Industries on UL Code Compliant regulations for Explosion Proof portable lighting and Temp power distribution electrical products.  Focusing on the  importance of establishing RE-CERTIFICATION standards of RENTAL lighting and temp power products with UL844 classification ratings.

Bossltr new location in Sulphur will feature a training class room and product show room.  In 2012 UL created a standard for UL844 Explosion Proof Lighting products used for PORTABLE US.  Back in 1993 the  Department of Labor passed a ruling, OSHRC DOCKET# 92-2347 stating;  ” Ignorance of OHSA Standards in no excuse for being Non-compliant to OHSA/UL Standards “.

RULING STATED:  If an accident should occur involving a non-compliant product it will be the liability of the hosting entity.  Hosts include Owner of  project site, general contractor, sub-contractor and possibly vendor supplying the non compliant  products.

Bossltr goal is to educate Safety Managers of Non-compliant RENTAL PRODUCTS used within Confined Space Entry, Storage Tanks and process vessels, that carry a hazardous location rated working environment.  Non-compliant portable lighting and temp power RENTAL products that are not RE-CERTIFIED prior to each rental use.

CONFINED SPACE EXISTING REGULATION:  Re-certification Breathing air packs prior to each use/rental.

POINT OF CONCERN:  One breathing air pack malfunctions it only affects one person.  A single explosion proof portable light malfunctioning within a HAZARDOUS RATED tank or vessel has the potential of compromising everyone within the surrounding area.

LUNCH & LEARNS for Safety Managers: Bossltr invites area Safety Managers to schedule a private lunch and learn to discuss the UL844-P4 compliance  requirements.  Available in Sulphur and Baton Rouge Rental Locations.

CALL:  866 – 442-0260 X 3






Bossltr of Sulphur, La. offers Lunch & Learns

March 7, 2017
Lunch and learns are being offered by Bossltr of Sulphur, La.   Seminars can be scheduled on location at Bossltr, or, at clients facilities.
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BossLTR opens first Portable Lighting Showroom.

March 7, 2017
BossLTR of Sulphur, La. has opened the first Portable Lighting Showroom for Safety Engineers, Confined Space Entry project supervisors, and, tank and vessel entry servicing contractors.  On display will be industries explosion proof and water proof products lighting products.  Visitors will be ...
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UL Compliant Re-Certification for Portable Products.

March 7, 2017
Should all explosion proof portable lighting used in Confined Space Entry applications be required to be re-certified after each rental use? If the breathing air industry supplying air packs to confined space entry workers are required to be re-calibrated after each rental use, the same should be ...
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