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LED- UL OSHA Compliant Portable Floodlighting for Confined Space Entry use.

LED Floodlighting Products.

BossLTR offers LED Floodlights for Portable Task Lighting applications. These products are used for general outdoor lighting requirements. LED Products are used on projects where light is required over smaller work areas.  Basically used where there are fewer workers doing task work. Metal Halide fixtures project light  allowing for wider areas of visibility. LED Lights are used for smaller task lighting projects. Metal Halide floodlight are most effective when elevated to operating heights above 25 feet.  This allows total light output to be at its most affective operating height.  LED lights are more efficient when at lower operating heights.  LED fixtures produce a much cleaner  and brighter light over smaller areas of work. LED lighting is the Light Source for the future.  Today, the technology of LED does not favor the general use for Portable Lighting because of high costs.  LED was developed to reduce the electrical power demand.  When using LED in a portable application has a higher purchasing cost than Metal Halide.  The biggest problem for using LED in portable applications is the replacement cost. Fixtures get damage during transporting and job-site use.  Just like Metal Halide on job-sites, LED is subjected to the same damage potential as Metal Halide.  Anyone using portable lighting understands this consistent worksite hazard.

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