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About BossLTR

UL Certified to Assemble Code Compliant Rental PORTABLE Explosion Proof lighting & Temp Power Products

BossLTR Contributions to Portable Lighting Rental Industry

The BossLTR family has been a specialized producer of Light Towers, Portable Lighting and Temporary Power Products for over 40 years. Introducing to the Construction Refinery/Petrochemical Industries innovative product designs dating back to 1980.  BossLTR was the first UL Certified Portable Lighting and Temp Power assembler in the Rental Industry.

Boss Light Tower Contributions

Boss was the first and only light tower producer to have UL Certification on Specialized Light Tower Products. BossLTG was the first to initiate UL Field Evaluation for Offshore Hazardous Location Towers.  This self elected evaluation of BossLTG’s electrical work by a 3rd party agency is to ensure the Offshore Oil Industry that BossLTG stays vigilant when concerning Offshore Safety. One of our most notable contributions, dating back to 1976, was being the first Light Tower Producer to offer Large Construction sites 65’ – Sixteen Light Stadium Style Light Towers. Today Boss’ Stadium Light Tower Products have expanded to include 80′ and 100′ units.  An industry exclusive….

Boss UL Certifications to Produce

In the Oil Refinery/Petrochemical Industries, Boss was the first to obtain UL Certification as an Explosion Proof Portable Lighting Assembler for HID Floodlights and one of the first to become UL Certified for Electrical Job Site Power Distribution and the only light tower producer to ever carry a UL Certification. How important is it to be UL Certified as an Electrical Assembler? With this 3rd Party validated knowledge and experience we are able to produce specialized electrical products for use in the USA and Canadian industrial markets.  UL is the world’s most recognized mark of acceptance.  BossLTG is proud to be a recognized approved UL Assembler.

Boss' Contributions to the Confined Space Tank & Vessel Construction and Maintenance Industries

Many of the Rental Confined Space Oil Refinery Industry Lighting Products that are rented today were first introduced by the Boss family back in the mid 1980’s. Explosion Proof 12 volt String Lighting was originally introduced to the industrial rental markets in 1983. Explosion Proof 120 volt Tank and Vessel Floodlighting products were first UL Certified back in 1990 for use in Confined Space Applications. And now, Boss is one of the first to introduce LED Confined Space Low Voltage Lighting.

Special Modifications to Meet Rental Application Requirements

BossLTR has always offered modifications on our rental products to meet clients application requirements. We do these modifications so our products conform to the lighting and power requirements needed on project sites.  BossLTR produces special mounting stands and brackets, adds extra length to lamp cords, supplies customer’s their special plugs and connectors/receptacles on lighting and temporary power products.  We supply brand name preference products that include:  Appleton, Killark, Crouse-hinds, Daniel Woodhead, Ericson, Square D and GE switchgear and lighting.


BossLTR offers our USA and Canadian customers a selection of our most popular rental lighting and temporary job site electrical distribution rental products. When reviewing BossLTR’s website categories you will find our many styles of Rental Light Towers, Rental Portable Lighting and Rental Temporary Power Products that are available for immediate rental. BossLTR will work smart and diligently to become your preferred Rental Source.

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