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100 Foot Portable Stadium Light Tower High School College Sports Lighting RNT: SFLT-BUMQ2516MH-60′-1000w: High School & College Portable Sports Stadium Light Towers: 60′,80’&100′ Towers, 16-floodlights, Diesel Or Electric Power



High-Intensity, Telescoping Light Tower With Safety Features – Patented – U.S. Patent 10,393,324

Portable Stadium Style Light Towers for Small and Large Colleges and High Schools
100 FOOT PORTABLE STADIUM LIGHT-TOWER HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGED SPORTS LIGHTING towers capable of producing the required light intensity levels for Real Game Time and/or Practice field lighting for all levels of play. 60′, 80′ and 100′ High Mast Portable Light Towers with 16- high powered sports style floodlights. BossLTR can supply our clients with the required playing field lighting  foot candle levels required based on  the number of expected  spectators attending games. Our rental towers can be used for multi-purpose sports field lighting applications. BossLTR has over 40 years in the lighting business. We can determine lighting requirements for all field sporting events along with furnishing light tower side line layout positioning with individual floodlighting aiming to field layout yardage grids. If needed, electrical technicians are available for field installation and onsite operation training.

Here are some of the standard operating features and functions for BossLTR rental Stadium Towers that potential clients may want to know before making decision to rent.

Our 100 FOOT PORTABLE STADIUM LIGHT-TOWER HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGED SPORTS LIGHTING Operating and set up instructions are label on tower. Set up procedure is fast and easy and a one man operation set-up. Set up time per unit, 15 minutes. Push button controls for pivoting and towering with decal instructions. Automatic Tower Stop feature at designated height. Automatic boom extension locking mechanism that prevents tower from lowering. Visual Beacon light to alert operator tower is at full operating height. For the 80′ and 100′ towers, Wind Speed Monitors that will automatically lower tower to nesting position if wind speed exceeds pre-set wind loads. Main ON/OFF light switch turns on all lights at same time. If using tower with Diesel Gen-set onboard, standard engine run time averages 24 hours, continuously. Rental Stadium Towers can be rented with on board diesel gen-sets or set up to operate from onsite electrical power supply. Standard operating voltages are 208y/120v, 3ph or 120/240v, 1ph. NOTE: BossLTR uses exclusively MQ POWER diesel gen-sets with AVR voltage regulated controls that is required for VCR and/or Television film recording. Each rental BossLTR supplied to client has a roll of construction ORANGE plastic barrier fencing for circling around light towers so that spectators are cautioned to keep distance away from equipment. Tower has decal label warning signs instructing spectator to stay at lease 15′ away from operating equipment.

The following is BossLTR rental product recommendations for sports field levels of play: See individual spec sheet to recommendation of number of units per lighting level required.

Model#RNT: SFLT-BUMQ2516MH-60-1000W
Used for High School play with 1000 to 2500 spectators.

Model#RNT: SFLT-BUMQ4516MH-60-1500W
Used for High School play with more than 2500 spectators.

Used for Small College play when tower can be positioned within 50′ of side lines.

Used for Small or Large College play when tower has to be positioned over 100′ from side lines.

Freighting Towers
60′ towers can be shipped 2-per 53′ step deck trailer. 80′ and 100′ trailers only 1-per 53′ step deck.