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12v Portable Transformer Shuttle Style 120v–12v Inline



12 VOLT PORTABLE TRANSFORMER SHUTTLE STYLE 120V – 12V INLINE:  1 X 12v Single outlet Transformer. SHUTTLE STYLE –  12v Low Voltage Hand Lamp or STRING LIGHT transformer. Can be used only with LED 9w 12v or 120v bulbs.  Shuttle is capable of powering up to 10 x 9w-12v Hand lamps.  .

Shuttle Style Transformer used Exclusively with 9 Watt LED Bulbs, 12 volt or 120v rated

SHUTTLE TRANSFORMER:   100VA rated, 120v – 12 volt Transformer within a Nema 4x water proof rubber boot transformer enclosure.  Comes standard with a 25′ x 16/3 seow power cord with a standard 5-15p weather proof 120v plug.  The load side of system comes with a 3′ x 14/3 seow lamp cord with a standard L5-15C twist lock connector.

12 VOLT PORTABLE TRANSFORMER SHUTTLE STYLE 120V – 12V INLINE:  Bossltg offers string light systems with 3 Head, 5 Head, 8 Head and 10 Head systems.  Our Boss Shuttle can be used to power both STRING LIGHT systems as well as HAND LAMP systems.  When Shuttle is used with power cord splitters, a single Shuttle can supply 12 volt power to three Hand Lamps.  This replaces the old style single Bubble 12 volt transformer equipped to only power one hand lamp.

The Boss Shuttle is the most revolutionary break through is LOW VOLTAGE LIGHTING TRANSFORMERS.  This is due to the introduction of low wattage LED BULBS.  There are multiple combinations of supplying 12 volt power to a multitude of hand lamps by using 3-way and 2-way splitters.  Boss offesr a selection of 12 volt splitters in this web-site directory.  Go To EXT CORDS, PLUGS-CONNECTORS.