2x 400w Metal Halide Tripod



This product is available with 400w Metal Halide Floodlights

UL844-P4 Compliant 2 X 150W LED TRIPOD PORTABLE EXPLOSION-PROOF FLOODLIGHTING – DIVISION 1:  LED Explosion Proof rated Floodlights mounted on an aluminum stationary stand with 100′ of power cord and an explosion proof 15amp plug. This product is equipped with a replaceable plexi-glass lens to protect against salt water spray getting onto the fixture glass lens.  UL Required Al2 glass lens guard.  This LED product will illuminate 20,000 square feet of work task area and project a beam of light 100′

2 X 400W MH TRIPOD PORTABLE EXPLOSION-PROOF FLOODLIGHTING – DIVISION 1:  Class 1 Division 1, Groups CD, for T3 applications.  Contact Boss to receive full UL844-P4 operating specifications.

TRIPOD:  Aluminum tripod stationary design to collapse to reduce size for transporting on workboats to offshore platforms.  Extends up to 15′ above grade. The product can be supplied with two conductive wheels to allow operator to roll around as needed, four caster wheels for use on flat solid surfaces, and, 12″ deck plate pads to add stability in abusive operating apps.

UL844-P4 Explosion Proof Floodlighting UL Modifications for PORTABLE USE:  In 2012 UL established a Safety Standard UL844-P4 that requires all Explosion Proof UL844 Floodlights be up-graded if used for PROTABLE APPLICATIONS.

Boss is a UL844-P4 approved electrical assembler Certified for Explosion Proof Portable Lighting. Our Boss 2 X 400w Metal Halide TRIPOD PORTABLE EXPLOSION-PROOF FLOODLIGHTING – DIVISION 1 product has been up-graded to meet all the required modifications to be recognized as a UL844-P4 UL Compliant Product.