40 Foot Portable Gen-Set Light Tower Combo Package 25KVA 4-1500w Floodlights RNT: OF-BCMQ254MH-40′-1500w: 40′ Light Tower/25kva, 45kva Gen-Set Packages, 4-1500w Floodlights, Power Distribution



Oilfield Design Light Tower with 20kw Guard Shack Gen-set
40 FOOT PORTABLE GEN-SET LIGHT-TOWER COMBO PACKAGE 25KVA 4-1500W FLOODLIGHTS. BossLTR rental towers have 40′-telescoping/360 rotating towers with 4-high powered style 1500W floodlights. Capable of illumination over 7 acres of work area. This tower uses a Perkins Diesel with a 20kw 120v/240v generator. Engine operates for 24 hours continuous. Trailer mounted for easy position around project sites. For Guard Shack and/or RV power gen-set comes with 4-20a, 120v, GFCI duplex receptacles, 1-30a, 125 volt RV outlet and 1-50a, 125/250v California Style RV outlet. BossLTR has over 40 years in the oilfield lighting business. We can determine project lighting requirements along with furnishing light tower layout positioning with individual floodlighting aiming to specified work task areas. If needed, electrical technicians are available for field installation and onsite operation training.

Here are some of the standard operating features and functions for BossLTR rental Towers that potential clients may want to know before making decision to rent.

40 FOOT PORTABLE GEN-SET LIGHT-TOWER COMBO PACKAGE 25KVA 4-1500W FLOODLIGHTS operating and set up instructions are label on tower. Set up procedure is fast and easy and a One man operation set-up. Set up time per unit, 10 minutes. Manual Winches for pivoting and telescoping tower with 360 degree rotating tower feature with a main ON/OFF light switch turns on all lights at same time. If using tower with Diesel Gen-set onboard, standard engine run time averages 24 hours, continuously. Standard operating voltages are 120v, 1ph.

BossLTR uses exclusively MQ POWER diesel gen-sets.

Oilfield Light towers come standard with on board diesel gen set packages. BossLTR rental towers have a special power cord that plugs into on-board gen-set or can be use with onsite electrical power supply. This is standard on all BossLTR rental light tower products.

Model# RNT: OF-BOFP204MH
covers more area with light than your commercial 30′ Four Light Towers. As much as 25% more area by using a 40′ tower compared to using a commercial 30′ light tower.

Freighting Towers
40′ towers can be shipped 6-per 53′ step deck. Towers unload with a forklift.