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400 Watt Explosion Proof Portable Metal Halide Floodlight Hang Mount RNT: EXP-PSHM400MH-24″-120v, 400w Metal Halide Explosion Proof Floodlight, Hang Mount, Division 1



400W Explosion Proof Floodlight 24″ Hang Mounted Floodlight
400 WATT EXPLOSION PROOF PORTABLE METAL HALIDE FLOODLIGHT HANG MOUNT 400w Metal Halide Explosion Proof, Class 1 Division 1 & 2 floodlights mounted on an Aluminum Hang Mount bracket. Fixture will fit through a 26″ manhole entry. Fixture comes with protective aluminum frame with plexiglass lens shield and protective aluminum lens guard. 250′ power cord with standard 5-15a weather proof plug.  1/2″ wire rope safety cable to lower fixture into tank or vessel.

Model# RNT: EXF-PS400MH-C-24″
400w Metal Halide floodlight will illuminate 20,000 sq.ft and project a beam 150’x100′.

Tank and Vessel Explosion Proof application. This product requires to be used in a GFCI protective circuit.

Certifications:  The PSMH400HM-C-24″ was a spin off of the first Metal Halide floodlight product to be UL Certified for tank and vessel entry applications. Designed specifically to fit through a 26″ man hole entry.  Fixture is designed to be lowered into a tank or vessel.  Includes a 1/2″ wire rope safety cable to support fixture as it is being lowered into application.  Fixture comes with a 250′ power cord so to be able to service all sizes of storage tanks.  250′ power cords allow the fixture to me moved up or down in order to optimize the output of the 20,000 square foot of lighting this 400w metal halide will produce.  Fixture has the power to project light over 100′ once in position.

400 Watt Explosion Proof Metal Halide Portable Floodlight 120v has been UL validated to Standard UL844-P4 for portable use.  The very first in the rental industry to carry this Safety Performance standard.  Boss now has ability to UL Validate all Explosion Proof UL844 Explosion Proof floodlights for portable use applications.

400 Watt Explosion Proof Metal Halide Floodlights can be mounted to Tripods, floor stands and scaffold mount brackets.  This floodlight is equal to that of a 150 watt LED floodlight product.