Cage Lighting 4 X 1000 Watt Metal Halide Floodlights – (4) 1000w Metal Halide Floodlights

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CAGE LIGHTING 4 X 1000 WATT METAL HALIDE FLOODLIGHTS will illuminate 5 acres of area and project light over 200 feet from light source when elevated 30 feet above grade.  This product comes with 100 fee of 14/3 SEOW yellow power cord with a Nema 5-15P weather proof plug.  Designed to be clamped to structural beams with in battery units within industrial plants.  Floodlights a assembled within a light weight metal cage that will protect the floodlights from movement damage while positioning in place.  Frame comes with forklift pockets and double point point lighting eyes.

Bossltg offers similar products to this four light design.  We offer a two light, six light, eight light and sixteen light cage product.  Operating voltage range from 120v to 480 volt.  Each system is design to operate effectively at varying elevated heights.  Our 16 light – 1000w Metal Halide Cage light is designed to be elevated at least 60 feet above grade.  At this mounting height this system can illuminate up to 60 plus acres and project light 300 feet from light source. CAGE LIGHTING 4 X 1000 WATT METAL HALIDE FLOODLIGHTS

Cage Lighting is mainly used in tight operating areas where utility power is available.  Battery Units within refineries and chemical plants,  Explosion Proof and Nema 4x products for saltwater apps used on offshore rigs, work boats, etc.

Bossltg is a UL Certified portable lighting explosion proof and Division 2 electrical floodlighting and temporary UL1640 electrical distribution assembler.  The products Boss presents are built to UL requirements per NEC codes.