Construction Site Temporary Pole Lights RNT: PPL5-1500WMH-55′ Pole 360* Light Pattern with Portable Base Support

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CONSTRUCTION SITE TEMPORARY POLE LIGHTS. 55′ Galvanized Pole Light with a 360* Lighting configuration  5 – 1500w Metal Halide Floodlights.  Pole is attached to a concrete or water filled base frame that will support the 55′ tower in winds exceeding 60-mph.  The base frame will have mounted an electrical control panel consisting of Main on/off fused disconnect switch, 480v, 3ph with rated fuses.  Floodlight ballast enclosure mounted to switch frame.  Each ballast will be fused protected and come with a green ballast on indicating light for identifying lighting circuits.  Once pole light frame is assembled the base frame will have forklift pockets for positioning around project site.  Base frame will have four leveling jacks with level indicators to ensure tower leveling. Tandem tower electrical connection system is available upon request.  Consult factory to determine how many towers can be operated off single 480v line circuit.

These CONSTRUCTION SITE TEMPORARY POLE LIGHTS are delivered to project in four pieces:  Tower support base,  55′ telescoping tower, a 5 head cross bar and pallet with five 1500w metal halide floodlights.  Assemble starts with mounting floodlight to lighting cross bar and plugging each light into lighting connection box.  Use a small picker to position tower on base frame then bolt tower with supplied nuts and bolts to upright position.  Plug lighting power cord into junction box.  Electrician will make connection to on-board fuse disconnect on base frame.

This is an adjustable 55′ telescoping tower equipped with a high wind speed  monitor that will detect winds exceeding 45 mph then automatically lower tower to nesting position.