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Dual 100 Watt LED Lights Tripod Mounted T210LED-120V: 2-100w LED Lights Mounted On Tripod

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DUAL 100 WATT LED LIGHTS TRIPOD MOUNTED.  2-100w LED floodlight, weather proof rated for outdoor use, 120v, with protective lens metal guard. Mounted on a tripod. Comes with a 20amp, 120v, GFCI duplex outlet to allow for tandem lighting and light to light connections, as well as, a 25′ power cord with a 5-20p plug.

Tripod Mounted Floodlights
RNT: T210ED-120V
This DUAL 100 watt LED floodlight can illuminate over 2000 square feet of work area.  Projects light 75 feet with a 60* beam pattern.  Bossltg uses this 100 watt LED on scaffold brackets, spring brackets, tripods and base stand presentation.

Bossltg is a UL certified portable lighting assembler.  We can take any floodlight product and validate it to meet UL Standards for 153 portable lighting.  Boss is also a UL certified job-site electrical power distribution assembler.  The combination of these certifications permits us to deliver safe operating portable lighting products per the application requirements of our clients.

2×100 Watt LED Floodlight TRIPOD  Mount
2-100w LED Floodlight, weather proof rated for outdoor use, 120v, with protective lens metal guard. Mounted on a GALVANIZE STEEL TRIPOD. Comes standard with 25′ power cord with a 5-20p, plug.

Tripod Mount Floodlights
For use in general applications when temporary task lighting is required. This unit will illuminate 600 sq.ft. area. It was originally designed for general purpose use for industrial applications.

This BossLTG product is produced from steel and electrically assembled by certified ABC trained electricians. This Light Product is produced for construction and has replaceable tripod parts.

Light weight and easy to set up for use.  Operates off of 120v, 20 amp circuits,  This product must be protected by GFCI circuits.