Dual 70 Watt Explosion Proof Portable Metal Halide Fixtures Tripod – 2x70w, Explosion Proof Floodlights, Tripod Mounted, 120v



2×70 Watt Explosion Proof Rated Portable TRIPOD MOUNTED Floodlight System
Dual 70 WATT EXPLOSION PROOF PORTABLE METAL HALIDE FIXTURES TRIPOD – TWO 70w Metal Halide mounted on an 8′ Aluminum Tripod, will illuminate 8000 sq.ft of area and project two beams 120′ x 100′. Each Light is about the  size of a basketball with mounted on single tripod stand with two wheels. Operates off of 120v. Comes with 100′ power cord with a EXP 15a, 120v Plug.

Model# RNT: EXF-FS2570MH-120V
Produces 10,000 sq.ft. of illumination. This product requires to be used in a GFCI protective circuit.

Certifications:  The TL2570MH-120V Tripod Mount was one of the original Metal Halide floodlight products to be offered for tank and vessel entry applications. Designed to be light weight and easy to handle within confined space apps.  Fits easily through 26″ and 18″ man hole entry.  Dual fixtures are designed to be attached to tripod.  About the size of two basketballs.   Fixture comes with a 100′ power cord so to be able to service most sizes of storage tanks.  100′ power cords allow the fixture to be plugged into outside power source of tank. Dual Fixtures will illuminate 10,000 square foot of lighting area. Fixture has the power to project light over 100′ once in position.

Dual 70 Watt Explosion Proof Metal Halide Portable Floodlights 120v has been UL validated to Standard UL844-P4 for portable use. One of the first in the rental industry to carry this Safety Performance standard.  Boss now has ability to UL Validate all Explosion Proof UL844 Explosion Proof floodlights for portable use applications.

70 Watt Explosion Proof Metal Halide Floodlights can be mounted to Tripods, floor stands and scaffold mount brackets.  This floodlight is equal to that of a 100 watt LED floodlight product. Dual 70 WATT EXPLOSION PROOF PORTABLE METAL HALIDE FIXTURES TRIPOD can be height adjusted to 8′ above grade once within tank.