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Dual 300 Watt LED Floodlights Cart Mounted – 2 LED Lights 12′ Tower


Dual LED Floodlights Cart Mounted

LED Double Light Cart Assembly
Dual LED Floodlights Cart Mounted 2x300w LED Floodlights, two wheel cart mounted, 120v, 1ph, 60hz with 12 foot tower powered by a 25′ cord with a 120v, 15 amp, plug to power load is 600 watts.  The metal Cart designed to lay down in back of pick-up truck when traveling.

LED Task Light Products for small task lighting projects:  Light weight in design so for easy handling and positioning throughout project sites.
Dual LED Floodlights Cart Mounted used to light up task projects that require high levels of brightness, foot candles.  Perfect for concrete pours, electrical connection requirements in tight areas, and most general area illumination projects.  Light weight and mobile, easy to adjust cart to aim floodlights to targeted lighting areas.

This product is use for general lighting requirements that require HIGH INTENSITY LIGHT in a defined work task area.  At 12′ height this product will illuminate over 20,000 square feet and project light 100′. This product must be protected by GFCI circuit.

Boss is a UL Certified portable lighting and temporary job-site electrical power distribution assembler.  We can special build LED lighting products to meet specific applications.  For more information on Boss products you can go to

Boss offers both LED and METAL HALIDE floodlight cart products.  Metal Halide will project the same amount of wattage 10 times farther than that same wattage using LED floodlights.  The advantages of using LED is less power draw requirements allowing for smaller gen-set packages to be used on work sites.  Honda portable gasoline generators are perfect for powering LED floodlighting.