LED Rope Scaffolding Lights



ROPE LIGHTS LED FOR SCAFFOLDING:  LED Rope is UL Certified and carries a Nema 3 rating for wet locations.  Transformer assembled to a Nema 3R environmental wet location rating.  Transformer comes with a 25′ AC power line cord with 5-15P weather proof plug.  Rope light produces a continuous line of safety egress lighting producing one Watt per foot of High Lumen output of LED cool white light. ROPE LIGHTS LED FOR SCAFFOLDING are available with 12 volt or 120 volt power supply.  Users can ask for 50′ and 100′ cuts of LED ROPE LIGHT.  Special cut lengths are available upon request.

Bossltg is the original producer of LED Rope light products for industrial applications.  Designed specifically for Refineries when entering larger oil storage tanks and for small process vessels.  Soft to the eye. No glare effect to operators.  This product is light weight and easy to  install by a single operator.

Bossltg is a UL844-P4 certified explosion proof floodlight assembler.  We are also a UL1640 certified Temporary Job-site electrical distribution assembler.  Boss was the only light tower producer to receive full UL Certification on a portable diesel light tower with diesel driven generator set.  The first to UL Certify an Electrical powered offshore light tower to Division 2 Classification.  Boss was accredited for the first UL844-P4 Explosion Proof Division 1 portable floodlight specifically designed to be used within 500,000 barrel oil storage tanks in the USA.

We have a unique company that allows us to design for special applications and 3rd party validate within our facilities.