LED Vapor Proof 120v-12v Hand lamp system. RNT: ILSV-HVP9.0LED-50′-12V: 9.0W LED Vapor Proof-Nema 4x In-Line Hand Lamp System, In-Line 120v-12v Transformer


LED Vapor Proof 120v-12v Hand lamp system

120v to 12 Volt LED IN-LINE Hand Lamp System  rated for Vapor Proof Applications
LED Vapor Proof 120v-12v Hand lamp system 9.5w LED Hand Lamp rated for Vapor Proof-Nema 4x applications. Comes standard with 50′ lamp cord, IN-LINE, 120v to 12 volt Boot Style Transformer, 25′ power cord with a standard 5-15P plug.

LED Vapor Proof 120v-12v Hand lamp system Customer must specify LED or Incandescent when requesting a rental quote. LED is more expensive initially but the labor saved in fewer lamp replacements overwhelmingly is a cost saving advantage.

New LED Lamps are perfect for abusive applications where hand lamps will be dropped or dragged around applications. The LED lamp has no glass parts to break compared to standard incandescent A19 style bulbs. There is not filament to burn out on LED lamps. LED lamps have a burning life of 50,000 hours compared to that of a 2000 hour incandescent lamp. Reality, bulbs in hand lamps will never burn out because of hours operated. Incandescent bulbs will break long before they burn out.

Model# RNT-ILS-HVP9.0LED-50′-12v VP
Produces the same amount of light output of that of a 75w incandescent. LED light is clear and clean. Not like that of an Incandescent which radiates a golden glare.

Model# RNT-ILS-HVP75W-50′-12v VP
A 75w 120v volt hand lamp using incandescent lamp. These are the commercial standard soon to be replaced with LED TECHNOLOGY. The standard A19 75w lamp and the 9.5w LED lamp can both be used in the same Vapor Proof hand lamp, totally interchangeable in the field one to the other.

Large number of rental 12 VOLT IN-LINE TRANSFORMER  hand lamp systems will be delivered on Hand Lamp racks as shown in spec sheet attached. This allows on-site personnel store lights off ground and maintain awareness of inventory available. Also available for the larger rental projects are Hand Lamp repair tools, again shown on spec sheet attached. This product must be used with a GFCI protected circuit.