Portable 16-1500W Metal Halide 480V Floodlights Caged Mounted – RNT: ECL-ELEC-16L-1500W: 16-1500w Metal Halide Floodlights, Electrical Stadium Cage Lights, 480V, 3PH Sysytem

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480 Volt Electric Power Portable Stadium Floodlight System
PORTABLE 16-1500W METAL HALIDE 480V FLOODLIGHTS CAGE MOUNTED in a protective caged designed to be elevated above grade to heights that will allow total illumination over wide area of work site lighting requirements. Mounted at a 60′ height this product will illuminate over 70 acres. At lower positioned heights these 16 floodlights targeted on specific work task area will increase lighting levels for safe and effective working environment. Comes with four point lighting eyes for lifting with cranes and with forklift pockets for moving around project site. One main ON/OFF power switch for easy and simple operation.

PORTABLE 16-1500W METAL HALIDE 480V FLOODLIGHTS CAGE MOUNTED Special Stadium Towers are for projects where there is low lying obstruction between the target lighting areas and the position of the cage light.  Industrial Battery Units where there is limited space.    continuous concrete powers for inside of plants,  airport run ways and aprons, lock and dam construction over water, New Refinery Construction. Bridge and Tunnel construction. Cage mounted floodlighting is the most cost effective way of supplying uniformed lighting over confined areas of construction sites.

PORTABLE 16-1500W METAL HALIDE 480V FLOODLIGHTS CAGE MOUNTED Stadium towers are used to take the place of the standard commercial 4-Light-30′ towers that only produce pockets of light within a 400′ x 500′ working area. One Stadium tower produces a high volume of uniformed light that realistically can take the place of 10 commercial towers. With one Stadium Tower the cost effectiveness when comparing to commercial towers saves on total overall fuel consumption; reduces to, one, the times per month engine servicing is required along with the hard money savings by only note having to replace oil and filters.  The labor saving alone related to doing monthly service engine procedures will save owners thousands of dollars a month.