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Portable GFI 3-Way Outlets 120 Volt Systems


PORTABLE GFI 3-WAY OUTLETS 120 VOLT SYSTEMS – INDUSTRIAL RATED:  IN-LINE Water or Weather Proof Plugs and Connectors

PORTABLE GFI 3-WAY OUTLETS 120 VOLT SYSTEMS:  All Industrial rated IN-LINE Portable GFI products come pre-assembled. Standard weather proof sealed plugs and connectors are standard unless special required OEM plug or connector are needed by clients.  Nema 5-15/20 Straight Blade or L5-15/20 Twist Lock plugs and connectors are available.  Special GFI products are assembled based on the acceptable wiring practices recognized by NEC/UL STANDARDS.

GFI DEFINITION:  GFI is a personal protection device that detects voltage in-balance between phases to ground. .05ma trip range.  Don’t confuse GFI with circuit protection for equipment loads.  GFI does not act as a circuit breaker.

Bossltg is a UL1640 Temporary Job-site Distribution assembler.  We have the experience to produce, test and label all industrial SPECIAL MODIFIED GFI products for temporary use.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:  Each GFI product will use UL Certified SO type power cords sized 15% higher in amp rating in relation to the supplied power plug and connector used within the specific in-line system being assembled.

SPECIAL PLUGS-CONNECTORS:    Molded plugs and connectors are supplied as standard from Boss stock.  When special OEM plugs and connectors are requested; Daniel Woodhead, Ericson, Hubbell and Leviton or APPLETON, KILLARK and CROUSE products are available.  Client has the choice of which brand OEM they need for their specific apps.

BOSS is a UL 1640 Electric temporary power distribution assembler. Boss can inform you of the NEC/UL standard requirements needed for specific client’s apps.