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Portable Spider Electrical Ground Fault Box – 6 X 120v GFCI Duplex Outlets


PORTABLE SPIDER ELECTRICAL GROUND FAULT BOX can be assembled 120/240v, 1ph or 208y/120v, 3ph line voltage.  Six 20 amp, 120v GFCI Duplex WR rated receptacles approved by UL>

The PORTABLE SPIDER ELECTRICAL GROUND FAULT BOX has 50 amp, 125 volt 3p/4w plug and connector for feed though operations.  System comes with six 20 amp, 120v GFCI WR rated outlets with In-use weather proof covers.  Each receptacle is protected by a 20 amp push-button circuit breaker.  The line input feed has phase lock out protection required by UL.  Green Indication light to advise operators that power is ON at system.  The PORTABLE SPIDER ELECTRICAL GROUND FAULT BOX Product is assembled within a Nema 4 Plastic enclosure mounted on a floor frame.

Boss is a UL1640 Certified Temporary Job-site Electrical Distribution Assembler.  The products we assemble are accepted by all Federal Construction Projects monitored by OHSA.  Our units are serialized so that on-site inspectors can validate Boss products directly with Underwriter’s on-line validation services.

LIABILITY NOTICE:  UL1640 Standard was established by OHSA to ensure users that the Temp Power products used on construction sites were assembled in accordance to NATIONAL ELECTRICAL STANDARDS.  The UL1640 is the Standard for Portable Job-site Distribution Products.  Just because an assembler may have an electrical engineering degree or be a certified electrical contractor and using all UL Certified Electrical components this does not validate them to produce Portable Job-site Distribution Products.  To be recognized by OHSA an assembler must be registered with Underwriter’s Lab as a member in good standings.  Good Standings means paying dues to UL every quarter and being monitored by a UL Field Representative every quarter reporting all UL Projects performed and verified by UL Serial Number tag registered with Underwriter’s Lab.

Ignorance of UL Safety Standards is no excuse for Non-compliance by Owners.