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Mission Commitments to Clients

Providing UL Code Compliant Rental Products… BossLTR will supply UL Code Compliant Rental Products that have been assembled, tested and re-certified to the original OEM presentation.  BossLTR will ship anywhere in the USA and Canada. All rental products come securely crated or racked to guaranty an undamaged safe delivery. These special crates/racks are labeled with the customer’s name and project reference numbers. BossLTR arranges all deliveries and pick-ups with carriers to take full responsibility for the transportation handling assurance.

Sense of Urgency… BossLTR understands many times the need for portable lighting is due to an emergency situation or an immediate need to speed up completion dates for projects. We will share that Sense of Urgency and commit to be responsive.

Competent Responsiveness… Boss has over 40 years of being a supplier to the portable lighting industry. We have certified working knowledge and application experience our customers expect to deliver the rated classification of lighting products, without compromise. “On time – Every time”

Special Invoicing Considerations… BossLTR will not start rental time until the customer has received their products. BossLTR does not charge for travel time (Freight Only) to and from rental destinations. On returns BossLTR will stop the rental time when the customer notifies BossLTR that the rental products are prepared and ready for pick-up.

Product Accountability & Rental Product Identification… Every rental product that BossLTR ships to a customer will be labeled with a BossLTR Identification decal. This decal will have BossLTR’s contact information and product Identification along with the Rental Unit Identification Number.

Shipping Documents… Each rental shipping contract will show the quantity of items rented, the product description and its corresponding unit number. Monthly and daily rental pricing as per quote/contract along with each products replacement cost. The customer can use this document to check off receipt of individual rental items and account for rental items and their cost value when it is time to return.

Product Quality Consideration… BossLTR understands the importance of customers receiving rental products that are “Ready for Use”. BossLTR assures our customers that all products rented from us will be in clean operating condition and assembled to the OEM components original operating standard.

Business made Simple… BossLTR has made it simple for our customers to rent products anywhere across the USA and in Canada.