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12V LED Rope Light – 50 Foot

Boss Portable Lighting offers safe explosion proof lighting, general floodlighting, light towers, and power distribution solutions.

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12 Volt Industrial LED Rope Light

Designed for heavy duty and rough service applications, this new 12 volt LED rope light will exceed performance expectations. The long life, low maintenance requirements, and low cost for rental or purchase makes this portable industrial LED rope light the only choice for your temporary lighting needs.

  • SUPER BRIGHT: Use high quality chips which is much brighter and more durable than normal chips. It’s safe, solid with extremely high bright light transmittance.
  • ENERGY SAVING and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Save more than 80% electricity, It’s much lower consumption comparing with traditional halogen lamps.
  • EXCELLENT HEAT DISSIPATION: Sleek and lightweight design to increase air contact area and speed up heat dissipation without any security risk.
  • PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR : Waterproof  to allow you to work long time outdoors and withstand a storm after repeatedly outdoor test. Ideal for outdoor and indoor use, construction, turnarounds, special events, and more.
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Boss offers LED, incandescent, and fluorescent portable explosion proof work lights, task lights, and speciality built applications. View our selection of hazardous location explosion proof lighting below:

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Explosion Proof lights or Explosion Proof Lighting applications, also known as Hazard Location Lighting are UL certified and compliant with OSHA Safety Standards. This certification makes them safe for use in areas where flammable vapors and/or pulverized dust exist or have the potential to exist. Universal industries include lighting options for refineries, petrochemical, steel mills, grain silos, sugar mills, offshore marine, and other hazardous location areas. 

Class 1 lights are UL rated and certified for confined space entry and are typically used for cleaning/inspecting vessels or fuel cells, plant turn-around, marine work areas, paint booths, etc. Class 2 rated lights are typically used in areas that have grain, sugar or munitions.

Learn more about hazardous location ratings with our simple classification and ratings sheet.