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Intrinsically Safe Flashlight

Boss Portable Lighting offers safe explosion proof lighting, general floodlighting, light towers, and power distribution solutions.

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Intrinsically Safe Flashlight

Designed to eliminate the chance of creating an electrical spark by limiting the energy, electrical and thermal, available for ignition. The low voltage and components prevent short circuits and overcharging. Intrinsically safe lights are not explosion proof but don’t yield the amount of energy to create an ignition source.

• 115 lumens delivered
• Operates off of AA Batteries
• Durable construction
• Low voltage lighting
•4.6 ounces in weight
• Safety Certified, Class I Division I
• Also available in multiple options

Learn more about hazardous location ratings with our simple classification and ratings sheet.

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Boss offers LED, Metal Halide, incandescent, and fluorescent portable explosion proof work lights, task lights, and speciality built applications. View our selection of Intrinsically Safe Lighting options below: