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26 Foot Hybrid LED Solar Light Tower and Generator – 2 Light Tower Poles

The Boss Lighting Hybrid Mobile Solar Generator with Light Towers offers a comprehensive off grid power and lighting solution. Its mobility, high capacity, and rapid setup render it ideal for remote construction sites, events, and emergency scenarios. The hybrid tower and generators can function solely as a solar power generator with the added flexibility of a diesel generator backup, providing versatility for various operational needs.

  • Lighting: 198,000 total lumens from two banks of high-efficiency LED high mast tower lights, area lighting for 2-3 acres
  • Light Support: Two 26’6″ retractable towers, individual lamps are fully adjustable
  • Light Control: 7 day programmable timer for each light tower
  • AC Connections: 120VAC@ 20A GFCI / 240VAC @ 50A (CS 6963 outlet requires CS 965C plug)
  • Solar Generation: 2,650 watts
  • Storage Batteries: GNB Industrial flooded lead acid
  • Energy Storage: 48 kWh total/ 24 kWh available
  • Auxiliary Generator: 10 kVA Kubota GL 11000 with 130 gallon fuel cell
  • Security: All controls in locking cabinets
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Boss offers industry exclusive light towers for multiple industries: industrial turnarounds, new construction, strip mining, concrete pours, hydroelectric dams, highway construction, sporting events, special events, and more!