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The Original Portable Stadium Light Tower

High Mast Portable Lighting / 60′ 80′ & 100′ Towers – Sixteen Floodlights
Patented – U.S. Patent 10,393,324

Boss Portable Lighting for Every Industry

Industrial, Construction, Oilfield, Offshore, Marine, Sporting Events
Patented – U.S. Patent 10,393,324

Stadium Style Floodlighting for Construction Sites 60' 80' & 100' Towers

High Mast Lighting / 60′ 80′ & 100′ Towers – Sixteen Floodlights / 80+ Acres Illumination
Patented – U.S. Patent 10,393,324

Industrial Turnaround Rental UL844 & UL153 Compliant Portable Lighting

Turnaround Lighting Packages – Schedule Your Lighting Package Walk Through Today

Oilfield & Pipeline Construction Light Towers

Guard Shack / Utility Combo Trailers / Hazardous Design

Tank & Vessel UL844 Explosion Proof Portable Lighting Compliant

UL844 Compliant for Portable Use in Confined Space / 12v & 120v / Explosion-Vapor Proof

Offshore Light Towers UL Evaluated for Division 2

Diesel or Electric Powered Hazardous Design

Ship Building & Dry Dock UL844 & UL153 Compliant Portable Lighting

12v & 120v / Vapor-Proof Nema 4x Lighting /480v to 120v GFCI Electrical Distribution UL1640

Sporting & Special Event 40' 60' 80' & 100' Stadium High Mast Style Light Towers

Sports Temporary Field Lighting – Youth Leagues, High Schools, College / Special Event Lighting – Music Concerts, Golf Tournaments, Festivals – Patented – U.S. Patent 10,393,324

Open Pit Strip Mining 40' 60' 80' Stadium High Mast Light Towers

40′ 60′ & 80′ Stadium Style Towers / 16 Floodlights / 80 acres Illumination
Patented – U.S. Patent 10,393,324

High-Intensity, Telescoping Light Tower With Safety Features – Patented – U.S. Patent 10,393,324

Stadium Light Towers | Confined Space Lighting | Temp Power GFCI

UL Certified | Code Compliant
Portable Lighting & Job Site Electrical Distribution
UL Standards 844, 153 & 1640 UL Validated Boss LTR

Leaders in the Portable Lighting Rental Industry

Stadium Light Towers 40′-100′

Light Towers 20′-30′

General Floodlighting

Explosion Proof Lighting

Temporary Power Distribution

Diesel Generators

The Rental Industry Authority on UL Certified - Code Compliant Lighting and Electrical Products

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Light Tower Rentals, Portable Lighting, and Temporary Power

Boss LTR is the exclusive rental provider of Boss LTG manufactured products. Our line-up of rental products include stadium light towers, electric and diesel powered light towers, solar powered light towers, diesel gen-sets, temporary power distribution substations, explosion proof lighting, general floodlighting, and more. Boss is the only rental supplier that is professionally certified in temporary job-site electrical distribution and confined space entry lighting.

Boss continues to work hard and diligently to maintain its industry reputation as being the most knowledgeable and dependable source for temporary lighting and electrical power products and services. Our guarantee and unrelentless commitment to deliver the best products with a sense of urgency that’s only matched by our professional enthusiasm. All Boss rental products are built and manufactured in the United States. Our approach to developing solutions for lighting and power requirements will save your company valuable time and money. We rent and deliver all over North America.

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BossLTR has been in the Rental Industry for over 35 years offering a wide selection of Specialty Rental Products throughout the United States and Canada. Our rental products include Specialized Light Towers, a large selection of Industrial Portable Lighting and Job Site Electrical Distribution Products. We service a wide range of industries that include renting Stadium Style 60’ 80’ & 100’ Light Towers to Large Construction Projects. We service the Rental Oilfield and Pipeline Construction Industry with specialized Light Tower Trailers with oversized generator sets for on-site power, water reservoirs and personal heaters with onboard fuel storage tanks.

We rent a variety of rental products to the Refinery and Petrochemical turnarounds such as,  Rental Stadium Light Towers, Special 40’ Light Towers, Rental Portable Explosion Proof and Rental Low Voltage Lighting Products for the Tank & Vessel Industries along with Rental Temporary Electrical GFCI Distribution Products. We provide the Open Pit Mining Industries withRental  Stadium Light Towers and exclusive Truck Mounted Remote Operated Light Tower Packages. We stay on call 24 hours a day to respond to the Offshore and Inland Oil & Gas Industries with Rental Hazardous Designed Light Towers, both Diesel and Electric Powered plus  Rental Portable NEMA 4 Division 2 Floodlights. For the Ship Building–Dry Dock Industries we rent NEMA 4x Water Proof Hand Lamp Products along with Rental GFCI Distribution Equipment.

BossLTR rents 60′ and 80′ Portable Stadium Light Towers for all types of Sporting Events, such as, Youth League Play, High School, College and Professional. We rent 40′ Towers with six lights to be used for Youth and High School game time play, as well as, College / Professional Practice field lighting. Our Rental 60′ and 80′ Stadium Sixteen Light Towers are available for larger High School and College field lighting requirements. BossLTR can turnkey temporary lighting installations for Football, Soccer and Baseball lighting projects anywhere in the United States, we always have technical teams ready to travel. Our larger 60′ and 80′ Rental Stadium Light Towers can also be used to supply Outdoor Special Event Lighting for parking, directing traffic flow and security lighting needed for all types of Outdoor Events. One 60′ Rental Stadium Light Tower will illuminate over 60 acres, allowing it to take the place of 10 standard 30′ four Light Towers.

At BossLTR our clients needs are taken seriously. We make it a point to ensure that each rental product we ship is in top operating condition and ready for immediate use. Every order we send out is double-checked for accuracy, guaranteeing that all products meet the exact specifications requested by our clients. BossLTR understands that our clients depend on us to be responsive. We demonstrate through our actions a Sense of Urgency to deliver clients products as promised, “On time–Every Time.”

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