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Light Towers

The Boss Light Tower family has been in the Light Tower business since 1976, originally building light towers for the Alaskan Pipeline Project back in the mid 1970’s. From the beginning Boss designed and built light towers for NASA, Boeing, US Military, Canadian Air Force, Homeland Security and for the many construction related industries worldwide.

BossLTR now offers our clients Light Tower Products that are designed for their specific applications: 60’, 80’ & 100’ Sixteen Light Towers for Construction Sites that require large areas of illumination, Special Oilfield Light Tower Products with oversized Generator Sets plus Light Tower-Heater combos for the pipeline companies working in extreme cold weather applications. Boss was the first to offer Hazardous Location Light Towers for inland oil rigs. And the first to produce Offshore Hazardous Location Light Towers for the Gulf of Mexico. In the early 1980’s Boss started producing light tower products for the Mineral Strip Mining Industries throughout the Western US and the Eastern Coal Mining Industry. Now, BossLTR is Renting light towers to Refinery and Industrial Turnarounds and new plant construction projects.

BossLTR can supply your rental light towers to meet your specific project application. Call toll free to speak with a specialist about your lighting requirements.

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