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Boss is offering Dealership Programs for the Home Town Rental company that services cities with at least 300,000 residents. Boss receives inquiries throughout the USA for practice field portable lighting from coaches, dad’s clubs, league organizers, and soccer mom’s wanting desperately to extend the practice times so they can participate after work.


40 Years Of Experience in Lighting

Boss is a Specialty Manufacturer/Supplier of Portable “Special App” Light Towers for Sporting events such as football, softball, cricket, baseball, and any sporting events that require outdoor lighting. Boss advertises throughout the USA and Canada Sports Field Portable Light Rentals. Our rental inquiries are from home town Coaches of every style of sporting event that involves youth play.

300w LED

Model# TPL4X300LED-120V 15amp
At 20′ lights will illuminate 1.5 acres
Will project light 200′, Total load 1200w
One man set up – 100 lbs total weight


1000w Metal Halide

Model# TPL4X1000MH-120/240V, 30amp
At 20′ lights will illuminate 3 acres
Will project light 300′. Total load 4400w
Two men set up – 150 lbs total weight


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