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Stadium Light Towers

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Stadium Light Towers - Boss LTR

Our stadium light towers can be used for the following industries











Sporting Events


Tank & Vessel Entry







Stadium Light Towers 60' Stadium Light Tower 80' Stadium Light Tower 100' Stadium Light Tower

Boss Stadium Light Towers are the industry standard and are durable, work on any terrain, and put out the highest projection of light of its kind. Boss was the first UL Certified Portable Lighting and Temp Power assembler in the Rental Industry. 60′, 80′ 100′ Stadium Light Towers provide efficient illumination across the entire job site. Contact us for a rental quote today.

Why Partner with Boss LTR?

  • Over 40 years of light tower rental and servicing experience
  • 24/7 technical support and proactive service maintenance
  • High quality manufactured stadium light towers
  • All of our stadium light towers meet UL certification safety standards
  • Completely portable, easy to operate, 15 minute installation to use

The Original Stadium Light Tower

One Boss Stadium Light Tower produces a high volume of uniformed light that realistically can take the place of 10 to 15 commercial towers. We’re the original stadium light tower producer of 40 foot, 50 foot, 60 foot, 80 foot, and 100 foot towers. Boss High Mast Portable Light Towers come with 16- high powered floodlights for any with enough illumination to light up 60-100 acres. Check out our video above for a quick demonstration of the illumination one 60 foot tower puts out. The Stadium Light Tower’s ease of deployment and installation will save your company valuable time and money. It’s additionally ideal for industrial, construction, refinery construction, oilfields, large excavation sites, concrete pours, sporting events, mining, offshore, any anywhere you need light.

60' Stadium Light Tower

Illuminates 60 acres or 2,613,600SF with a beam projection of 1000′ x 1500′. Using 16-1000w Metal Halide Floodlights.

80' Stadium Light Tower

Illuminates 80 acres or 3,484,800sf with a beam projection of 2000′ x 2500′. Using 16-1500w Special Beam Projection Metal Halide Floodlights.

100' Stadium Light Tower

Illuminates over 100 acres or 4,356,000sf with beam projection of 2500′ x 2500′, Using 16-1500w Special Beam Projection Metal Halide Floodlights.

Transporting Stadium Light Towers

All stadium towers are designed to be pulled over highways. It is recommended that floodlights be removed. Trailers come equipped with braking system and DOT lighting, 3″ ring hitch and dual safety chains.

Freighting Stadium Light Towers

60′ towers can be shipped 2-per 53′ step deck trailer. 80′ and 100′ trailers only 1-per 53′ step deck.

Stadium Light Tower Rentals